Physical Education, Recreation, Athletics

PERA Department Mission

The Department of Physical Education, Recreation and Athletics (PERA) develops students’ skills and knowledge in physical activities. This base of knowledge and skills is an essential component of a liberal arts education at Wellesley College. All students are required to earn eight credits (2 or 4 credits/class) for completion of their undergraduate degree through the department’s three distinct programs:

PERA Learning Outcomes

Students who participate in PERA programming will:

  • Build fundamental motor skills that enable students to enjoy regular physical activity.
  • Develop a fundamental knowledge of methods for improving flexibility, strength and cardiovascular fitness.
  • Develop strategies for self-assessment and goal-setting related to fitness. 
  • Recognize the positive impact that regular physical activity has on mood and academic performance. 
  • Adapt to challenging situations as a result of exposure to risk-taking opportunities.